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Notes written on the back of the ink map:   
11:10pm 21/09/2004
  portal at moogles home - other bases - protect

keep place secret/create defenses

send Kefka to Gaia (top of large tree)
10:24am 06/09/2004
  Ah, Nikeah. The lovely port town with a little bay like the Colosseum. Home to a wonderful little cafe, a chocobo stable, and SICK, PERVERTED PEOPLE WHO EAT MY BRETHREN!

At least they used to. They haven't caught many of them ever since the whole Floating Continent and Kefka deal thing. Sickos probably ate all in the area. I'll show them! I'll show them all! Mwa ha ha! Soon they'll be cowering from octopi like octopi have cowered from their forks and knives and nets and various sauces! Oh yes! Mwa ha ha ha ha! Mwa ha ha! Ha!

Got my drink from the cafe, now all that's left is my chocobo dinner. They don't serve any here, so I have to take one and make my own. Mwa ha ha! Liquor-fried Liqueur-fried (Mwa ha ha!) Chocobo with Ink Sauce! Nothing better! Mwa ha ha! And I'm not bringing any back for Mister Statue! Mwa ha ha! Ha! Delicious dinner fit for royalty, only for royalty!

Now time to steal borrow one.
09:30am 29/08/2004
  Mwa ha ha! This is great; no work, no creepy statues, no worries.

Oh, sure, I could have headed straight to Narshe, but why? There's nothing there and I'm just going to be miserable until Kigaeno shows up, then be even worse off.

South Figaro's farther away, but they have one heck of a cafe! Mwa ha ha!

Speaking of which, where's my food? I know this place is busy, but my order should take priority over everyone else's! They're not of royal blood, after all! I am the only royalty in this cafe! Do you hear me, cafe dwellers?! Everyone of you shall soon know my name! And you shall respect it, too! Mwa ha ha! Ha!

Fine water, here. Very tasty.

After this it's off to Nikeah for sights, sounds, and Chocobos. For dinner! Mwa ha ha!

Finally my food arrives! Mwa ha ha! Chow time!
06:40am 14/08/2004
  I finally did it! I finally quit that dead-end, go nowhere receptionist job to once again pursue my dream of having royal subjects for a royal octopus and a kingdom to rule over. Also, to take the place of Setzer, take Maria as my wife like he planned to do, annoy those heroes in the process some more, and finally get rid of Ziegfried! Mwa ha ha!

Stupid Chupon; refusing to give up his job at the Colosseum. . . . He was a good subject.

Anyways, first things first; who should I drop by first . . . ?


No, too soon to try and take his place.

Perfect! She can be my practice wife before I go for the real Maria! Mwa ha ha!

Now, off to Kefka’s Tower to search for clues that will help locate her. Or at least what remains of it . . .